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stainless steel polish A red hot way to perfect cuisine

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-28

The color of the small appliances has been around for a while, but in the end you can choose the color in your main kitchen items.Victoria cooker of Smeg was originally released in black or panna with a gas stove with seven burners, but will now attract chefs looking for new technologies and bold colors.Victoria has five now-Soft area sensing format of green, red wine, stainless steel and white (and original black and panna) sweet colors.It's more than two 70 liters.The functional ovens all have Smeg's unique heat sealing technology, through which the oven cavity can create a fully controlled cooking environment to ensure that the baked goods are moist and juicy;Crispy PastryThe cake is light and uniform.Victoria is also equipped with Smeg's excellent clean enamel, which is very durable and easy to clean, an electric grill with two cooking levels and a storage drawer.Each of the five induction zones has a boost function that provides high temperatures for tasks such as stirring frying and fast boiling.The device is fully programmable with a soft oven door.Smeg Victoria TR4110I (and a smaller TR90I) plus matching range hoods are available nationwide.Some colors, such as soft green and red wine, need to be ordered by customers.Smeg Victoria TR4110I, 110 cm band induction is $9990, TR90I, and 90 cm band induction is $7890.Matching range hood for $2690xa0$2090 respectively.
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