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by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-27

On the occasion of Republic Day 69, the automatic system Pvt of Toshi.Ltd.India's leading automation company, in partnership with Utthan Samiti, installed a 111 feet-foot stainless steel flagpole in the Central Park of Rajnagar, making Ghaziabad proud, and the jogging group Rajnagar agency is said to have been attacked.The flag was launched today in front of officials and teams at Toshi auto, Utthan Samiti and the jogger club, who were cheered by local residents for this amazing feat!Mr. Wang spoke on this achievement.(Sanjeev lakhanpal) Pvt, Tian Min automation system, President of deepdev.Ltd.He said, "it is an honor to be able to dedicate this particular achievement to everyone in Ghaziabad.We sincerely believe that nothing is more important than we are proud of our country and we are happy to share this feeling with every Indian!Only with the efforts of three people will the project be completed on time.Utthan, chairman of Singh Satendra, branch, sir.(Sanjeev lakhanpal) Mr. general manager, deepdev.The urban automation system of the chief technology officer of carddev.Ltd.Over the past few months, they have been working tirelessly on the project.The project is fully funded by Toshi Automatic, Utthan Samiti and community contributions, with a total cost of more than Rs.Lakhs, Toshi Automatic is the biggest contributor to the cause of this great country.The installation includes a music system and speakers to play Bhajans and patriotic songs throughout the day.He elaborated on his efforts to raise money for the campaign.Chief technology officer of carddev, private of urban automation system.Ltd.He said, "We thank everyone, including our friends, business partners and suppliers, who have invested in donations and participated wholeheartedly to make the project a success.We would also like to mention the cooperation of the officials of the gabiabad Development Council, without which the project will not be successful.It is the appreciation of this project that really prompts us to pursue it so persistently."While the government has not provided any financial assistance, the project also involves the beautification of the flag around the GDA (Ghaziabad Development Bureau.This is the first such project where citizens raise the flag at their own expense and then hand it over to the government.Toshi Automatic is the leading automation company in India with installation in various airports, hospitals, chemical plants, oil plants, power plants, cars and truck parks, theme parks, hotels, RV parks, shopping malls, retail parks, manufacturing facilities and office space all over India.About the urban automatic system.Ltd.Founded 24 years ago, Toshi Group has grown into thought leaders and innovators in home and industrial automation solutions;Set the rhythm in designing, installing custom, cost-effective, reliable automatic sanitation systems and safety doors, obstacles, revolving doors and parking/traffic control equipment.For more information about Toshi Automatic or purchasing its products online, please log in to Toshi for more information, please contact: Deep MonCreativizt Communications 91.
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