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by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-27

Alloy Steel is the most suitable for making steel grinding balls.When combined into ball mill media, these steel balls together with steel balls and beads are made into ball mill media.Usually, the application of this grinding medium is the first choice of the grinding process, in the grinding process and the dispersion process, the Heat plays an important role.As a result, hardened grinding balls are found to be most suitable for applications requiring high wear resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.They are also commonly used to ensure that the medium used is where the contamination fee is, and therefore for the rapid grinding of solids, liquids, reduced size of fine particles, etc.Stainless steel balls are preferred for food related products because they are free from iron contamination.The technology introduction and new inventions on these industrial balls have not ended here, and this is an ongoing process that will continue to revolutionize the industry in the best way possible.
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