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by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-04

Rama industry group is the largest steel pipe manufacturer, square steel pipe manufacturer Delhi, rectangular steel pipe manufacturer.Hollow profile manufacturer in India, senjimil pipe exporter, SWR pipe manufacturer, PP-RC pipe manufacturer, manufacturer of RO water treatment plant.We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the top established manufacturers, exporters, suppliers and companies in stock of quality steel and other related products.We have been on the road to prosperity, leaving an indelible quality mark in the pipeline industry.We offer our customers a wide range of square pipes.These products are available in a variety of customized and standard formats with the bestin-First-class raw materials from trusted market suppliers.These products are a huge demand for drainage systems, supply purposes and many residential and commercial establishments.Our products include stainless steel coil, industrial steel pipe, industrial stainless steel pipe, seamless stainless steel pipe, plate, BSP thread fittings, carbon steel pipe fittings, steel round rod, carbon steel, black metal steel pipe fittingsBlack metal, industrial raw materials, alloy steel, threaded and forged fittings and flanges.Rama Group is a professional management organization engaged in the manufacture and supply of advanced pipes and pipes.With the support of an in-house drawing facility and numerous tooling, cutting and straightening facilities, we are able to provide any odd size of different thickness, whether round, square, rectangular or capsule size.With our ability to develop any strange pipe size in any material at the lowest cost, even in a very small quantity, with vivid and amazing potential, we have been doing well in our respective fields.Our rectangular tubes are made of high-quality raw materials and meet international quality standards.These tubes are very durable and efficient.We have all kinds of metal in our square pipes that are pre-suppliedTest before use during production.We are also able to supply square pipes according to the specifications provided by our customers.Our product range is made from quality raw materials purchased from reliable suppliers in the industry.In addition, our high quality stainless steel seamless steel pipes meet the different requirements of people.These are all made of high-quality stainless steel with different wall thickness and diameter.Our seamless steel pipe range has a wide range of applications in sugar mills and wineries, pump and petrochemical products, cement, construction industries and steel mills.In addition, we can also obtain our product range according to the specifications provided by our customers.In the traditional space frame, the circular hollow section member is used for the rod member.At the joint, the rod is connected by welding along the surface of the curve.So this process takes a long time and it seems difficult.Square steel pipes were used to make the problem easier to solve.Special configuration for square steel pipes.The tube with end marking and annealing is stretched by a precision machined mold that controls the outer diameter of the tube.At the same time, the tube passes through the plug that controls the inner diameter.In addition, the tubes manufactured are processed by downstream facilities applied by different industries.
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