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stainless steel refrigerator door panels importance and types of cooling equipments

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-05
Cooling equipment is a fundamental part of our industry, research institutions and even ordinary homes.They are critical in hospitals and the food industry and are the backbone of research centers and blood banks, and preservation is the key to success.With the change of the world's face, there have been some major technological breakthroughs in the freezing and preservation process, and today we can find customized cooling equipment suitable for the needs of almost every industry.Blood bank refrigerator is a cooling device for storing blood, plasma and other cell components for daily use in hospitals and research centers.The standard blood bank refrigerator provides the best cooling range of 2 °C to 4 °C, effectively preserving the 35-day whole blood and the separated red blood cells in suspended state for about 42 days.However, for longer storage times, you need to store them together with crying preservatives at lower temperatures to protect the structure and composition of the cells.The blood bank refrigerator uses a microprocessor for effective temperature adjustment, and the LCD display screen can continuously monitor the temperature.Most models have preset programs and programmable functions that allow usersEven write new programs.They have different capacities to accommodate small batches and large batches of stored samples.Door lighting and audio for these refrigeratorsA visual alarm showing temperature fluctuations.The morgue is a cooling cabinet used in the morgue to store the body and prevent the body from decay and decomposition.The morgue is allowed to be within the positive temperature range of 2 °c to 4 °c or in-10°C to -50°C.The positive temperature range is only used for short-term storage, as the decomposition can only be delayed and cannot be stopped at this temperature.When bodies are required for identification or forensic studies, they are usually stored on submarinesZero temperature to prevent the body from breaking down.The morgue has different sizes and capacities and can also be designed according to custom specifications.Most models are equipped with loading carts to help clean the chamber and maintain a hygienic environment.Blood bank refrigerators and mortuary generally use PUF insulation to improve thermal efficiency and use fluorine-free carbon chloride cooling to prevent unnecessary temperature fluctuations.The high quality rubber gasket on the door effectively seals the internal storage room from the outside to prevent contamination and excessiveheating.These cooling devices are highly durable and corrodedFree stainless steel for inner surface and powder coating for outer surface or painted steel or aluminum.All surfaces and exterior plates have an antibacterial coating, effectively reducing the possibility of internal and external contamination.The control based on the programmable microprocessor allows the user to modify the set temperature as required.Most of these blood bank refrigerators and morgue use fluorescent lighting and door operating lighting systems.
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