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stainless steel wall high security concertina coil fences and chain link fences

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-05
We all need fences to keep our property safe.It is an option to build a wall, but it takes time and there are many other considerations, such as cost.The cheaper and faster option is to make a fence.You can put it around the hotel at any time and it will keep strangers and stray animals away.Using high security facilities such as prisons and military camps, we need to provide additional security fence materials.For this we used the concertina coil.These are steel rolls made regularly from sharp razors or rehooks.You can get the exact configuration from the manufacturer of the Concertina coil.The diameter of the Concertina wire is about 2.5mm, the tensile strength is 60 kg/ thickness of the galvanized wire shall be greater than 120g/m.Galvanized wire blades must be 0.5mm, the spacing is 4 cm.Reduce the spacing between coils when you need more security.For most other common purposes, we use a link fence or a hexagonal mesh fence.The chain fence consists of steel wire strands of galvanized steel or stainless steel.This may or may not have a coating.The coating consists of PVC or zinc.Zinc is preferred as it provides better rust protection at a lower cost.But some people prefer PVC because it looks better and has good protection for rust.For fences in farms and large industrial areas, the chain fence is ideal.It keeps long wall mining and factory stuff safe because we can get this in the specifications we ask.It still meets international standards in terms of durability and strength.But, most importantly, its cost is not high.For more information, you can contact the manufacturer of link fence.The galvanized chain fence is durable.We can use this fence on farm, warehouse, pool, tennis court and parking lot.The maintenance cost is low, so many owners like it.The wires are interwoven into a grid commonly called fence fabric.The chain fence made by hot dip method is stronger than the PVC coated fence.In many places, we use stone cages to make thin walls form stone cages with a narrow depth.They need vertical faces to support, and since they are narrow, we have to provide more support in order to keep the structure stable.We can do this by providing metal or concrete columns on a regular basis.The metal pillar is provided in a stone cage.We can use a wide variety of metal baskets made for 4mm metal wires.The minimum depth should be 0.3 m preferred 0.5m.Hexagonal wire mesh fence is most useful for light fence work.This hexagonal wire mesh is made by wrapping a carbon steel wire or wire coated with zinc or PVC.We can use this mesh as a lightweight steel bar in cement boards and debrisMade of glass.
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