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steel plate engraving Classifications of Military Dog Tags

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-08
As we all know, the dog tag is not only for the hero of the country, but also for the hope of soldiers and ordinary citizens.Soldiers are not the only ones who need identity, but every citizen wants to engrave their own name on a piece of stainless steel plate.If you do not want to customize the look of your dog label, you can use its oval stainless steel plate, ball chain, rubber silencer and military-Personal information.But you should know that every service department of American soldiers has a different dog tag.Keep reading and learn what they are and what patterns you want to follow.U.S.ArmyThe U.S.The military dog label is a classic label that many people like very much.Use the five lines on the oval label, the first line with the last name of the person;The first line is the name, then the initials in the middle;The third line provides a social security number with a dash number;The fourth line includes the blood type to which the person belongs, and the fifth line is acceptable for religious or simple "no preference.U.S.US Marine CorpsS.US Marines have similar intelligence.S.Army in the first two linesAlthough the second line was added after the name and name, it was initially the blood type of the person.The social security number of the third line does not have a dash between the numbers, but the numbers are spaced.The fourth line is about the branch of the American soldier, which is USMC or U.S.Marine Corps.The fifth line is still a religious preference with no preference at all.U.S.NavyThe U.S.The Navy dog has its own style of identification.The second and fourth lines of the elliptical plate are blank.The first line consists of the person's last name, name and name;The third line is the social insurance number, there is no dash or space between the number and the blood type to which the person belongs, and the fifth line is the person's religious preference.U.S.Air ForceThe U.S.The air force's dog tag is very similar to that of the United States.S.Marine Corps and US Marine CorpsS.Army card.The first line is the surname;The second line is the name and initials;The third line is the social insurance number with the dash number, and then the service branch with the letter "af" after the number;The fourth line tells the blood type that the fifth line is religious preference.With these options, there will be an option that will suit your personal identification needs.Or, even in your fantasy world, you can choose the branch of service you want.No matter what your final decision about the military dog tag is, it still serves its main purpose and that is to give you an identity.
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