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Stolen bikes being used as wood cutting machine | Jaipur News - Times of India - wood cutting machine

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-12-15
Stolen bikes being used as wood cutting machine | Jaipur News - Times of India  -  wood cutting machine
Jaipur: your stolen bike will most likely be used as a woodcutter or juggling in some dusty corners of Rajasthan village.
According to Jaipur police, there are a large number of stolen bicycles in the gray market.
Many villagers themselves are wary of buying bicycles from reprobate salesmen who sell 45,000 rupees of bicycles at 10,000 rupees.
Say to TOI, the additional DCP (Jaipur East)
Hanuman Prasad said it would take Rs 2,000 to remove a brand new bike.
The excess part is highly sought after.
They can be used for machine manufacturing, or as engines to drive juggling, he said, adding that sometimes bicycles are stolen just for tires.
They took off their tires and sold them separately, he said.
After cutting the bike into multiple parts, each part was carefully extracted and sold as a genuine package, police said.
Police recently cracked the car lifter from the whole city and they admitted they did not get the fare due to their hard work.
Many village people are now very skeptical about buying this vehicle from used sellers.
Another official added that they requested the original documents and a series of documents, which became a task that the defendant could not provide.
Juggling, though banned throughout the state, is still the most popular way to travel in Rajasthan.
The bike was tied to the trolley and turned into a juggling.
In addition to this ubiquitous rural mode of transportation, bicycle engines are also widely used for irrigation purposes such as water pumps.
Jaipur police have arrested more than 400 car lifers in the past year, many of whom have criminal records for theft and car robbery.
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