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Trees will be used to fire power station - wood cutting machine

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-12-15
Trees will be used to fire power station  -  wood cutting machine
Britain's first wood-burning power plant will start construction this summer after the project was approved this week.
The eight-megawatt power station in Eggborough, North Yorkshire will provide enough power for 18,000 households.
The £ 20 m plan will be partly fueled by commercial forests in the area, using small branches and trunks generated when young woodlands become thinner.
Eventually, most of its fuel wood will come from fast-growing willow plantations planted on nearby farmland.
So far, 34 hectares have been planted and 125 hectares will be planted this spring.
Willow will fertilize the sludge and ash from the sewage treatment plant.
Government scientists have calculated that if a quarter of the total area of farmland in the UK is allocated to such "energy" woodlands, this will provide enough fuel to produce nearly two consecutive-
At present, the demand for electricity is thirty times.
It is considered an environment.
Friendly way of generating electricity, because unlike power stations burning coal, oil and gas, wood-burning power plants do not increase global power generation
Warming the carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere.
Like fossil fuels, burning wood produces carbon dioxide.
But the same amount of gas is absorbed by growing trees that provide fresh wood for power stations.
Will be harvested by cutting the willow shoots on the ground.
Three years later, they will quickly grow 3 m or more new buds before the cutting machine runs again.
The harvested shoots will be cut into pieces and then "cooked" at the power station at a temperature of 800C, limited oxygen supply ".
This "gasification" process generates a lot of heat and also produces hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide gases.
The gas mixture is cleaned by chemical washers and filters, which are used as fuel for gas turbine engines powered by generators.
The hot exhaust gas from the turbine then flows through the boiler and the boiler raises steam for another turbinegenerator.
They are still hot enough to complete a task when the exhaust gas finally appears
Dry the piece of wood entering.
Gasification of wood can reduce air pollution and convert more chemical energy into electric energy.
Under a government plan to promote renewable energy generation, three separate wood-fired power plant projects have been approved.
Eggborough, backed by an international consortium led by a subsidiary of Yorkshire Water, is state-of-the-art.
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