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used laser cutter Tassie timber turned to tempting trinkets

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-29

In the evenings and weekends, she is one of more and more Tasman people dedicated to making and selling their crafts.Since she first started using her father's laser cutting machine to make jewelry from Tasmanian wood four months ago, the woman on the river has been successful and has found seven people across the stateMS van Tholen says it's a steep learning curve since she first started making bug leaf Jewelry in June."I 've never used a laser cutter before, and even though I 've seen my dad do that, it's a stressful process," Van Torun MS ."."Every design is done using a computer program --So I don't need to paint. it's great-This is a different way of innovation.The computer program then talks to the laser machine, which cuts the design I want on the ready Wood.MS van Torun said she used celery.Top-of-the-line pine, Hui Ansong, Myrtle and leather Wood make her collection of earrings, brooches and hair clips."From a fashion perspective, people like to wear jewelry from Tasman wood, but it also helps to travel," she said .".
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