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used laser engraver Characteristics of Laser Engraving Materials

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-08-07
Laser engravers are used to create detailed designs on the surface of almost any material.These images have extremely high resolution and have very good features.One of the fastest growing uses is to create souvenirs by carving photos on durable surfaces like stone tiles.For all the versatility of the laser, different materials react to the engraving process in different ways.One of the original uses of laser engraving is to burn the pattern into a wooden surface.Wood is easy to burn so can be carved with lowwattage lasers.Hard wood such as oak or mahogany works best.Softer wood can produce inconsistent etching depth and is known to ignite during etching.It is recommended to use a minimum wattage laser in these projects.Laser engraving of cardboard and hard paper is very good.Linty paper and newspaper tend to react like soft woods.Plasticine is one of the most commonly used plastic laser engraving machine.It has an etching well and produces an amazing finished product.Other successful plastics include plastic wood and similar hard plastic.Softer plastics, such as styrene, melt when carved to produce a softer or even deformed look.This may be acceptable, or even desirable, according to the purpose of engraving.Special plastic was specially developed for laser engraving.These may include Silicon salts that help prevent laser heat from melting excess materials, or they may be layered so that the corrosive surface will reveal a colored layer below.Many plastics, such as vinyl or silicone, are not suitable for laser engraving at all and require other methods.Metal standard metal requirements specific shortWavelength lasers, therefore, do not work in most laser engravers.However, the performance of the coated metal is very good because the laser evaporates the coating to show the metal below, not the evaporated metal.Common examples include painted brass and anodized aluminum.Stone, glass stone and glass are difficult to carve with laser, usually better with other engraving techniques.However, when used successfully, laser engraving creates a unique pattern of tiny cracks, resulting in beautiful and durable fragments.Granite is a particularly successful medium because once successfully carved, its durability means that it will last for decades even for applications such as floor tiles.Glass is also commonly used and dividedLaser engraving on the surface.These images under the surface of the carved glass are usually 3D to create stunning souvenirs that cannot be matched by other engraving methods.Other material engraving is usually successfully used with leather to produce a burn appearance similar to a hot brand.Latex rubber is also an effective material that often uses laser engravers to make rubber stamps.
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