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what is stainless steel made of Cast Iron Skillet Care

by:Thumbs-Up     2019-07-29

Although durable, cast iron cookware can be damaged without proper care.However, with proper cleaning and maintenance, you can use this cooker for a long time to come.The cast iron frying pan is the most common iron cooker and is an integral part of every kitchen cabinet.Well-Known for its heat preservation and continuous heat diffusion, it is most useful for frying and frying©Purpose.There are many forms such as frying pan, pot, grill, Flatto Grill and Dutch oven.This cooker made of iron is good for anemones with severe iron deficiency.But just like any object is worn out for a period of time, the cast iron cooker will also wear out.Nursing and cleaning the cast iron frying pan itself is a process.So, whenever you buy a new frying pan, you need to remember some golden rules.Dip the frying pan into hot water, preferably soapy water.Wash with sponge.But don't be as excessive as in the pre-processMay affect the seasoning of the product.For long-term use, clean with salt water and wipe with a dry towel.After cleaning, wipe the frying pan with a dry towel to ensure there is no moisture on both sides.You can also use regular paper towels to absorb the remaining humidity in your blood vessels.The recommended temperature of the preheated cast iron frying pan is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.Start the oven and make sure to season the frying pan with a teaspoon of oil or butter.Seasoning the iron pan is an interesting activity.Put the frying pan on the shelf of the oven and keep it for an hour.This time for seasoning, the oil or butter melts into the pores of the frying pan.Let the frying pan cool after the seasoning is completed.Cast iron cookware is popular for its uniform heat diffusion.So, once you put the frying pan on the stove, don't cook with high temperature.This can damage the frying pan.These are just cooking utensils, not storage media for food.In particular, foods containing acidic alkali must be emptied into other containers as soon as possible after cooking, because this negligence will damage the seasoning of the frying pan.A hot frying pan should never be washed in cold water, as this will cause the frying pan to break.So let it cool down first.If the food is too greasy, there is a thick residue on the surface, pour in the normal water to soak the frying pan.This is an important rule of thumb when using these frying pans.They can only wash by hand.Soon after cooking, when the frying pan is still hot, rinse it with boiling water to remove any residual stains that stick to the side or bottom.Scrub with a sponge soaked in lightly diluted soapy water.Sprinkle salt and wipe the frying pan with a dry towel or paper towel.In wet weather, moisture in the atmosphere settles down on the surface and may cause rust.Therefore, while storing these things, be sure to keep the frying pan open and not cover them with a lid.Now, before you start your next cooking adventure, don't forget to heat the frying pan upside down in the oven at a temperature of 15 degrees F (it's a pre-heatingSeasoning activities that have been discussed ).This activity can also prevent rust.Cooking is a happiness when using a cast iron frying pan.Even thought of hot food.©It gives you a wonderful fragrance and makes you feel hungry.However, enough care needs to be taken to keep this sturdy cooker running.
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