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Hotel Engineering Case

This kind of beauty, called the beauty of Chinese symmetry, reflects the unique concept of Yin-Yang balance in China.

Project Name:Blu Half Tai O  theme restaurant
Project venue: Guangzhou, Guangdong
Completion time: 2019.1
Project area:   1000m²
Main materials: stainless steel decorative strip, stainless steel decorative plate, stainless steel tube screen, stainless steel products

Blu Half Tai O - A new theme restaurant in the ocean, with deep ocean tones matching high-level feeling, tells the story of his experience of diving into the deep sea a fantastic experience of tasting fresh food!

All details reflect high quality service and products! The owner heard that he was born in Chaoshan after 1990, but he was very foreign. The choice of colors, furniture and antique ornaments of the restaurant all showed that the owner was a delicate rich man. Such a style like Western food is to make his favorite Hong Kong-style seafood hotpot! 

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