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Build Hotels with stainless steel products - a word


With the development of the times, the original configuration of the hotel is getting old with the growth of the age. In the fierce market competition, it is urgent to "regain the new life". In order to conform to the trend of the times and create a high-grade hotel which the new era guests like, the hotel adopts the Seiko stainless steel technology, creates a new Chinese style, and completes a new sublimation.

The hotel design style is varied, no matter which stainless steel screen can present a harmonious beauty, quiet beauty, displaying different charm in different space styles, making the whole space full of vitality and vitality, creating a strong atmosphere to welcome visitors from all directions.

Stainless steel elevator doors, now almost all modern hotels will be installed with stainless steel doors, which almost become the hotel's standard matching, and stainless steel elevator doors are so popular, mainly because they are usually made of mirror titanium (black gold, rose gold) plate, and then installed glass in the middle, so that the door made is equivalent to a glass inlaid outside. Reflective mirror decorative strip, so the use of color stainless steel doorframe, beautiful atmosphere. At the same time, the door jacket matching the color stainless steel door is also made of the color stainless steel plate bending process. The overall appearance is rich in metal light, very high-grade.

Modern, fashionable new Chinese style stainless steel wine cabinet, it gives a simple, atmospheric feeling! Especially suitable for high-end restaurants and hotels, it can show a unique noble temperament, so that this noble temperament vividly and vividly, everywhere emits the flavor of fashion and new Chinese style. Of course, it's also a good choice to have such a wine cabinet at home.

Design is the soul of decoration and decoration. It is the basis of decoration and decoration. In today's increasingly diversified and individualized demand, the best things will become obsolete. New styles are constantly emerging and accepted. It is such individualized design that makes the lobby design of five-star hotels colorful.

In addition to these stainless steel screens, stainless steel doors, stainless steel wine racks and stainless steel lines,Foshan Thumbs-Up stainless steel co.,LTD also has many stainless steel products used in hotels. The products can not only improve the aesthetic level of the products, but also protect the products like protective film on the surface of the products, so as to change the stainless steel products. More durable, can be said to be a set of practical and decorative products as one.

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