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Coloured stainless steel: Which is better, the drawing board or the mirror panel?


Among many surface treatment processes in stainless steel industry, metal wire drawing and polishing mirror are the most widely used. The two processes are popular with users. Which is better, wire drawing plate or mirror panel?


In metal pressure processing, stainless steel is forced to pass through the die under external force. The cross-sectional area of stainless steel is compressed, and the required shape and size are obtained by drawing process.


The surface roughness of stainless steel mirror panels is greatly reduced by using mechanical, chemical or electrochemical polishing technology, so that the surface of stainless steel mirror panels becomes bright and flat. The daily processing process is divided into fine grinding and general grinding.


The two processes have one thing in common, which is to change the shape of the stainless steel surface through machining, so as to obtain the effect that users want. There is no impact on the stainless steel itself. After the two processes are processed, the properties of stainless steel will still be retained. There is no essential difference, only the application environment. The difference.


At present, drawing stainless steel and mirror stainless steel are playing an important role in digital products, household appliances industry, home decoration engineering and other fields; many times, whether we see drawing stainless steel clearly showing every tiny trace, or mirror stainless steel that smooth and bright surface, stainless steel can hide time. In recent years, the application of wire drawing boards and mirror panels has reached an unprecedented climax. Therefore, the two surface treatment processes are more and more accepted and widely applied in the homogeneous market.

If the two processes have to be compared, then the mirror panel is slightly better than the drawing board in ornamental aspect. Whether in home or in public wear, the proportion of the mirror panel used is higher than the drawing board, such as elevator, exterior wall, interior wall and so on. The unique silk pattern of the drawing board will be more suitable for cabinets and electronic products. And the durability is a little higher than the mirror panel. Material selection according to different application scenarios, or the combination of the two processes can also show customers unexpected results and make people look bright.

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