Foshan Thumbs-Up stainless steel co.,Ltd is a set of stainless steel plate and stainless steel sheet coil as one of the supporting manufacturers.

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We are an integrated stainless steel enterprise that integrates material research and development,design,production,processing,sales and service.

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We are an integrated stainless steel enterprise that integrates material research and development,design,production,processing,sales and service.

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Customization  Service  Flow  of  Stainless  Steel  Products



Drawing design                                           

Our core strengths

NO.1 Deepening Engineering Drawings

NO.2 3D modeling design

Designers provide drawings, ideas, materials and samples according to customers, free design drawings, design deepening.

CNC bending

CNC bending machine is a kind of workpiece which bends metal sheets into various geometric cross-section shapes in cold state by using the equipped dies (general or special dies).

Nanometer Copper Plating Technology for Stainless Steel

Nano-copper plating on stainless steel is a newly developed coloring technology in the past two years, which is based on bottom-drawing, coloring oil, fingerprint-free and baking. The antique color of antique copper is fixed on the surface of stainless steel. Nano-copper plating is cheaper and more stable than water-copper plating. It also solves the problem that the color difference of water-copper plating is difficult to control. Bronze has a strong visual impact, but also has a thick, natural, profound, harmonious, giving a very stable feeling of peace of mind, and a sense of the years. Nano-copper-plated stainless steel sheet has elegant lines, unique color system, showing an aesthetic attitude, not only into the classical elements but also a refreshing visual effect. Nano-copper-plated stainless steel plate is often used in decoration field to embellish the simple and elegant, elegant and dignified atmosphere. It is generally used in Hotel decoration, KTV decoration and other high-end decoration projects.

Non-standard welding

We mainly use argon arc welding and laser welding, which can mix stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, titanium and so on, non-contact, scratch-free, small weld pool area and no deformation. It will not damage the surface of the product. The welding quality is high, the strength is good, the track of the weld is even and smooth, and the strength of the welded place is higher than that of the parent body.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is to make the irradiated material melt, vaporize, corrode or reach the ignition point by using the focused high-power density laser beam to illuminate the workpiece. At the same time, the workpiece can be cut off by means of the high-speed airflow along the same axis as the beam. Laser cutting is one of the hot cutting methods.


Suitable for high precision cutting of all kinds of metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, die steel, special steel, copper plate, aluminum plate brass, etc.

Vacuum Electroplating of Stainless Steel

Colored stainless steel plate has mirror, wire drawing, and grain, sandblasting and other surfaces, there are black gold, gem blue, golden yellow, emerald green, purple red, bronze, champagne gold, rose gold and other beautiful colors.

Coloured stainless steel plate is a vacuum plating of various colors on the surface of stainless steel! Deep drawing process does not change color, sunshine and rain show more luxurious quality. Because of its decorative effect and corrosion resistance, this product is far superior to ordinary stainless steel. Its wear resistance, scratch resistance and scrubbing resistance are also very strong. Its machinability and other properties are the same as ordinary stainless steel. Therefore, it will become a common stainless steel product. Alternatives to stainless steel enter all industries using stainless steel. Coloured stainless steel panels are suitable for elevator boards, carriage boards, hall wallboards, backgrounds, ceilings, architectural decoration, signboards and so on in hotels, hotels, entertainment places, high-grade brand stores, high-grade buildings. Coloured stainless steel is not a colour coated steel plate. There is no paint on the surface and no toxicity.


                Foshan Thumbs-Up stainless steel co.,LTD insists on doing only high-quality projects,

carving every project and carefully choosing every work with the spirit of excellence and ingenuity.


  • one-stop service

    It is an integrated stainless steel enterprise that integrates material research and development,design,production, processing, sales and service.

  • Senior original design team

    The company is recognized as the earliest manufacturing design enterprise in the industry, which takes the independent original design and development route and takes the original design as the guide.

  • Powerful factories

    Modern equipment and exquisite technology, production control system, cutting automation, our advanced equipment can help us reduce waste.

  • Affordable price

    Buy better quality products at more affordable prices