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Do you know how popular stainless steel decorative lines are now?


Today, I'd like to talk about a kind of stainless steel decoration material which is very popular in the past two years. It can be used in every space of the house. Moreover, it is particularly environmentally friendly. There are many colors for owners to choose from. This material is stainless steel lines.

In the past two years, light luxury decoration is particularly popular. A prominent feature of this decoration is that a lot of use will be made inside the house, which may be on the top, or on the walls and cabinet doors, giving people a sense of wealth.

Stainless steel lines in the bathroom and kitchen are also widely used. In these two spaces, stainless steel lines can be made into external corner protection strips. The external corners of kitchen and toilet are relatively easy to be damaged, because the tiles have been separated into 45 degrees angle, which can not bear too much external force. If the use time is long, the tiles at the external corners are likely to be damaged, and the external corners of the tiles will be pasted one by one Rusty steel lines can solve this problem.


Stainless steel line in the bathroom also has a good use, many owners in the bathroom like to do waist line, increase the sense of hierarchy of wall tiles

Stainless steel strip can be made into T-shaped, and the width can be processed according to one's own preference, without affecting the normal construction. Now the tiles are pasted with a large gap of two millimeters. After the tiles are pasted, put a little glass glue on the inside of the T-shaped strip and insert it into the gap of the ceramic tile. You don't need to ask people to install it. You can install it yourself. The cost of one meter stainless steel line is generally a few yuan. It doesn't cost much to circle it, and the labor cost doesn't cost much. Compared with the traditional waist line, it saves a lot of money, and the effect is very good.

 In addition to the use of these two spaces, stainless steel lines are more widely used in the TV wall in the living room. For example, the most commonly used stainless steel lines are embedded in the ceiling, and one or two circles of stainless steel lines are made on the ceiling. The effect is also very good.


After talking about the advantages of so many stainless steel lines, let's talk about the construction. Just now, there are T-shaped stainless steel lines, stainless steel U-shaped lines and stainless steel L-shaped lines. Their shapes are different, and their uses are different. Now the most widely used is U-shaped. Take the ceiling as an example, there are two installation methods on the ceiling, the first is embedded, the second is leakage No matter which way it is, preparation should be made in advance. Gypsum board slot should be reserved in advance for embedded ceiling. Wood keel should be prepared in advance for external leakage, so as to facilitate the installation of stainless steel lines.

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