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Drawing stainless steel is very popular in decorative plates


Drawing stainless steel is very popular in decorative plates, and with the development of modern machinery, the process of drawing stainless steel is also varied. Many times we see drawing stainless steel can clearly show every tiny filament mark, so that stainless steel matte in the exudation of fine. The gloss of hair is so special that the filament lines can not be seen or touched. If the filament lines are more fine, even if they are touched, they will not feel anything. Therefore, the drawing stainless steel has attracted the attention of the majority of users.

Wire drawing process: In the process of metal pressure, the stainless steel is forced through the die under the action of external force. The cross-sectional area of stainless steel is compressed, and the required shape and size are obtained by the wire drawing process.

Recognize these lines of wire drawing stainless steel plate, decoration is no longer difficult to choose!

Straight lines: Straight lines are formed by mechanical friction on the surface of stainless steel, which is the simplest and roughest drawing process.

Wire drawing stainless steel

Chaotic pattern: Chaotic pattern drawing is a kind of irregular and non-obvious pattern formed by moving and frictioning the stainless steel around on the high-speed drawing die.


Ripples: Ripples are usually made on a brusher or a rubbing machine. Using the axial motion of the upper group of grinding rollers, they are rubbed on the metal surface to obtain wavy patterns.

Cross-grain stainless steel plate

Rotary pattern: also known as optical rotation, mainly used in cylindrical felt or abrasive nylon wheel mounted drilling machine, with kerosene blending polishing paste, the metal surface is rotated and polished to form a drawing pattern.

Compared with stainless steel without wire drawing process, stainless steel wire drawing plate is more wear-resistant. If the thickness of stainless steel is very precise, it is not recommended to use wire drawing surface treatment, because the process will have a certain degree of wear on the surface of stainless steel substrate, the wear range is about 0.05 mm to 0.1 mm. If another layer of stainless steel fingerprint-proof UV varnish is added, the corrosion resistance can be improved twice.

Designers usually take a layer of color after drawing while choosing drawing stainless steel. The pattern of the drawing board with electroplating color layer is full of scientific and technological sense. It is more ornamental than the original stainless steel, and it also has the original metallic sense of stainless steel. The color stainless steel for drawing has both fashion and technological sense, and has been walking in the same direction. In recent years, various 3C digital products in the front line of the trend have pushed the application of wire drawing technology to an unprecedented climax, which is more in line with the "taste" of consumers, and therefore has been loved and applied by more and more users.

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