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Fashion Elements of Mirror Stainless Steel


Mirror stainless steel is a kind of stainless steel products formed by polishing and polishing of material surface. Its appearance is various, with metallic luster, corrosion resistance, non-rusting, toughness, easy to bend arc processing, installation and reliable and other excellent characteristics. Mirror stainless steel is mostly used in building materials. Mirror stainless steel can make high-level visual effect with low cost. In recent years, it is often used in landscape design. Design sculpture sketches, structures, etc.

Mirror stainless steel

Mirror stainless steel surface can form a reflection, which reflects the surrounding scenery through the mirror image to form a projection, reflecting the real content in the form of void. In landscape design, we can increase mirror stainless steel design, expand space, enhance scene highlights, form a sense of science and technology, a sense of future. However, if used improperly, it will also lead to light pollution, easy to wipe, and affect the aesthetics and other negative effects, so it is necessary to strengthen the later maintenance. Of course, mirror stainless steel can not be used too much, will bring tension, resulting in a poor sense of spatial experience.

Mirror stainless steel

Mirror stainless steel, can be used as ceiling, under the illumination of light, the surrounding landscape is reflected, there will be a feeling of shining waves, if we do some lighting design in detail, it will show a colorful visual sense.

Mirror stainless steel

Mirror stainless steel can also be used in the retaining wall, reflective effect can interact with people, but too much use will cause a sense of tension, moderate use, but become a scene embellishment.

The ceiling of the building leading to the inner courtyard is made of mirror stainless steel, which intergenerates with the surrounding landscape. The architecture reflects one side of the landscape, and the landscape is also inverted in the building.

The stainless steel ceiling is used in the overhead layer. Irregular reflection makes the space field of this area open up and the difference between the South towers and the North natural mountain body, which strengthens the sense of existence of the place.

In the design of the retaining wall, the mirror wall composed of triangles is used to reflect the sky light and conceal the sound induction device. When people pass through, they can hear the echo of water droplets in the canyon. The dry spray square is equipped with an interactive device to stimulate the interaction between people, people and nature.

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