Foshan Thumbs-Up stainless steel co.,Ltd is a set of stainless steel sheet and stainless steel coil as one of the supporting manufacturers.

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Foshan Chuangxing Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.: abide by contract and pay attention to credit


Honest enterprise


Foshan Thumbs- Up stainless steel co., LTD 


● in 2019, it was awarded as "contract abiding and credit worthy" enterprise for three consecutive years






How does Foshan Thumbs- Up stainless steel co., LTD manage in good faith?


In 2019, Foshan Thumbs- Up stainless steel co., LTD continues to maintain and carry forward the fine tradition of valuing contracts and keeping promises, conscientiously implements the economic contract law, abides by disciplines and laws, strengthens management, and establishes a good credit of integrity and compliance in all walks of life,It ensures that the contract performance rate reaches 100%, and there is no breach of contract or breach of faith. It has won the trust of all walks of life with high quality and efficiency, and has achieved good economic and social benefits.


By the end of December 2019, the performance rate of the contract has reached 100%, and there has been no contract dispute and no contract that is invalid in the process.

In the process of conscientiously implementing the contract, the following work has been done:

1、 Strengthen the faith of contract management and carry forward the style of building enterprises with integrity

2、 Strengthen the leadership of contract management to achieve the "three implementation" and "three regular" of institutions, personnel and systems

3、 Strict contract signing procedures, using standard text.

4、 Consciously accept supervision and inspection, and truthfully reflect the situation.

For three consecutive years, it has been rated as a "contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise" by relevant departments, and has won high praise from all walks of life and relevant units. Through continuous efforts to "abide by the contract and pay attention to credit", the operation and management level of Foshan Thumbs- Up stainless steel co., LTD  has been further improved this year We will make great efforts to give full play to the advantages of the enterprise itself, further do a good job of abiding by contracts and Valuing Credit, strive for higher economic and social benefits, and make greater contributions to the prosperity of Foshan's economy.

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