Foshan Thumbs-Up stainless steel co.,Ltd is a set of stainless steel sheet and stainless steel coil as one of the supporting manufacturers.

How about the minimum order value for ODM products?

                                                                                   Please contact Foshan Thumbs-Up Stainless Steel Co.,LTD customer service team for the minimum order value for specific ODM products. Our quotation will contain all information like product specifications, grade, payment terms, packaging, and MOQ. As for the MOQ or MOV, we need to consider factors like product type, cost, and mode of transportation, our production capacity, level of customization and our individual policy.

Foshan Thumbs-Up Stainless Steel stainless steel co.,LTD is proud to provide high quality checkered plate for many years in China. We are also able to provide more innovative products for overseas customers. stainless steel sheet cut to size series manufactured by Thumbs-Up Stainless Steel include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. With an LCD screen, the product provides more clear and bright images, which help users write more fluently and perfectly reflect the writing style. THUMBS-UP stainless steel sheets stand the test of the high-temperature environment.  With no filament, this product is more robust and lasts longer. This will result in saving money for users on replacement and maintenance. THUMBS-UP mirror plate can be used in food preparation areas and ceilings.

Looking forward to the future, our company will as always, pursue excellence and innovation. We will earn more customers relying on our innovative and high-quality products.                                                                            

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