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How are stainless steel screen/partition frames made?


How is the stainless steel screen frame made?

Stainless steel screen frames are made by square tube, bended by stainless steel plate, and welded directly by solid flat steel.

How are stainless steel screen frames made?

Among them, the first kind of frame is simple and practical, which is one of the most popular ones at present; the second kind is usually made with concave and convex lines, arcs, chamfers and other shapes, which highlights the three-dimensional effect of the frame; the third kind is usually for small screens, which can be directly installed with solid flat steel. Among these three kinds of frames, the second one is more stereo and aesthetic than the other two, and most hotels adopt this kind of frame to decorate. Below is a detailed description of the style and application of this kind of frame for you.

1. Trapezoidal border. It is to fold a slope on the front. The slope is usually 30 and 45 degrees clockwise. Such a slope, it seems that the border is not in a plane, and extended to the middle grid, it seems that there is a decorative effect of the frame, so the stereo sense is very strong. The trapezoidal frame is mainly used to make various carved screens, and then to install mirrors. The second page of the website "Stainless Steel Laser" has a trapezoidal border picture.

How are stainless steel screen frames made?

2. Concave and convex lines. This is mainly to fold the border into a 5 mm convex line, then concave down 5 mm, then convex 5 mm, so that the border looks like a large frame is divided into three small frames, and has a step shape, very stereoscopic. When making this kind of frame, we should pay attention to using 304 material as far as possible, otherwise the bending angle is easy to break.

How are stainless steel screen frames made?

3. Arc lines. Arc line is the most three-dimensional and beautiful line, and the production is not complicated. Just press an arc 20 or 30 in diameter on the front of the stainless steel screen frame, and press the arc frame. There is an arc protruding, and the lines are curved lines. It is very beautiful. This kind of circular arc line is used to make the TV background wall screen frame and window lattice frame.

How are stainless steel screen frames made?

In addition to stainless steel screen border switch, the border manufacturing process is also very important. The frame pressed by plate is usually cut at 45 degree angle by wire cutting and then welded, so that the joint has a very high degree of coincidence and the weld can hardly be seen. The 45-degree angle of the square tube frame must be set accurately, otherwise the outer frame will be distorted and the 90-degree angle welding is inaccurate.

How are stainless steel screen frames made?

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