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How to choose color stainless steel elevator board and installation process


Nowadays, many commercial houses, high-end shopping malls and other places gradually prefer to use more gorgeous stainless steel plates as decorative materials. Not only stainless steel plates can be made into a dazzling and beautiful appearance, but also anti-corrosive and solid, and have a long service life.

Stainless steel elevator plates

Stainless steel elevator plates used to be directly used as interior cabinets for elevators, such as mirror panels or brushed panels. Although they are also very durable, they are not uniform in appearance and are not in line with the public's aesthetic pursuit. Therefore, in many places, when choosing the interior decoration of the elevator car, it is often preferred to use a variety of process mixed color stainless steel plates; in order to be more noble, it will also choose titanium black, titanium gold, bronze, etc.; A composite plate such as a gold mirror etched plate or a titanium black brushed etched plate is used as a decorative material.


Stainless steel elevator plates

The stainless steel elevator plates is used as a decorative board. When it is installed, it is strongly glued to the inner layer of the cold-rolled steel sheet and then folded into a composite door. Before installation, the cold-rolled steel substrate and the stainless steel panel should be cut according to the size of the door panel of the elevator design; then the bent portion of the cut substrate should be cut into a V-shape, which is about 0.3 mm; There will be a lot of debris or rust on the surface of the stainless steel tank. By phosphating, the grease and rust on the surface can be eliminated, and then the glue can be applied. When the film is naturally dry until it is not sticky, two pieces will be used. The plates are bent together to bond the attachments and the door ribs; in order not to affect the appearance of the elevator, the entire door panel is reinforced by welding, and then the inner surface of the substrate is painted, so that the installation of the elevator can be completed.

Stainless steel elevator plates

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