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How to identify the quality of stainless steel decoration?


In the current construction industry, there are many new building materials that we use and see in the housing decoration, and there is a kind of stainless steel decorative plate, which is applied more and more in recent years.Many building construction will also use a large number of stainless steel decorative panels, because its color has a variety of choices, and the color can be durable, will be recognized and accepted by everyone, then how to identify its quality?

Let's popularize the identification method of stainless steel decorative plate


1. Look at the material first

      The commonly used materials of stainless steel decorative plate are 201, 304 and 316, among which 304 has higher corrosion resistance than 201,If 201 is used as 304, the color stainless steel plate will start to fade, rust and even fracture after several months of use.

Therefore, when we inspect the goods, the first thing to do is to carefully verify whether the material of the plate is the material you specify.


2. Look at the effect again

        It is mainly used in the field of decoration, and has high requirements for the ornamental and decorative properties of the board surface. When checking the goods, we must carefully inspect and observe.A good board should have no visible color difference under direct sunlight, and the whole batch of boards should have no color difference, uniform coloring, good color, no grinding head flower and horseshoe print, high brightness, no scratch, no fading after bending


3. Finally, tear off the membrane

      Stainless steel decorative panels will be pasted with a layer of protective film before leaving the factory.Many unsalable boards have been stored in the warehouse for a long time, and the protective film will be powdered, which is difficult to tear. Or after tearing, a lot of glue is stuck on the surface of the plate, which is ugly and difficult to remove, which is time-consuming and labor-consuming.Remove the protective film immediately after installation.

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