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Installation method and service life of stainless steel decorative board


Stainless steel decorative panels have been widely used in many fields due to their excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance and ease of processing, and have a place in the popular decorative materials market.Stainless steel trim panels can be mounted to the wall in a variety of ways. The most common method is to fix the web directly with expansion bolts and to secure the panel to the wall with a percussion drill. It can be fixed on the wall with special glue, or it can be used for basic processing, frame mounting and stainless steel decorative panel installation. This method should be more suitable.

Before installing the stainless steel decorative board, the pre-construction must be inspected and accepted to ensure the construction process is qualified. The walls and walls inside the installation area should be treated before installation. The water and wires on the wall should be installed as planned. The relevant pressure pipelines have been tested to meet the requirements; the walls are dry and have the appropriate construction conditions. Once the marking is complete, the keel will begin to install. If it is a single piece of steel, install it directly and seal it with beads. If there are multiple steel plates, install and close a bead to ensure that the keel is along the keel.

The service life of stainless steel decorative panels depends mainly on the length of plating time.

In theory, the longer the plating time, the higher the corrosion resistance of the steel sheet. Many processing plants consider the cost, the plating time is generally controlled within 15-30 minutes, and even some processing plants will reduce the plating time by about 10 minutes, in order to increase production and efficiency. Therefore, the life of the whole piece of stainless steel decorative board will be greatly reduced.

Secondly, 304 stainless steel can be used in most environments with high quality corrosion resistance and heat resistance. However, in order to save costs, some processing plants usually use 201 stainless steel. After electroplating, there is no difference seen by the naked eye. Over time, rusted stainless steel trim panels will be produced.

In addition to the above two reasons, the conditions in use are also the main reasons affecting the service life of stainless steel decorative panels. If the environment used is harsh and not maintained in time, the service life of the stainless steel trim panel will be greatly reduced. Under normal circumstances, as long as the cleaning and maintenance are timely, the service life of high-quality stainless steel decorative panels will be nearly 10 years.

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