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Many real estate developers have chosen stainless steel screen


With more and more consumers demanding the duality of home safety and elegant decoration, many real estate developers have chosen stainless steel screen, which not only saves the unnecessary waste of removing old doors, but also improves the grade of residential projects. The average cost allocated to each square metre is less than two yuan. The increase in the proportion of developers to this demand has been evident.

In view of the fierce competition in the decoration market, home decoration companies are constantly trying to attract customers. Because of the unique personalized characteristics of stainless steel screen, more decoration companies have to customize stainless steel screen according to customer requirements. This trend is particularly prominent in this year's home decoration market. The proportion of decoration market supplied by Liyuan Metal Logistics City has exceeded 45%, and it is expected to continue to improve in the future.

For our stainless steel screen enterprises to grow rapidly, I think, first of all, we must make an article on "innovation". Innovation is not simply about change and imitation. Product innovation should be the innovation of both technology and appearance. In order to improve the enterprise's innovation ability, the key is to improve the enterprise's market research ability and information feedback processing ability.

At present, the problem of product homogeneity in all walks of life is quite serious, and stainless steel screen industry is no exception. Nevertheless, there will always be some enterprises, whose stainless steel doors focus on innovative design of styles, drawing on design concepts from France, Italy, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries, combining with traditional Chinese culture, to create a culture-rich, fashionable and modern stainless steel screen style. Such enterprises often become enviable winners in the market competition.

stainless steel decorative pattern of a variety 

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