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Some important knowledge about stainless steel coils


Stainless steel coil for beginners to shrink, how to identify different stainless steel coil is not very important. Because of the high value of stainless steel, a little defect will cause great losses. How to identify the products as genuine and whether they are defective? Generally speaking, it can be confirmed by the label of stainless steel itself.

Some important knowledge about stainless steel coils

I. Stainless Steel Coil Packaging

Stainless steel packaging is the most intuitive performance to identify stainless steel manufacturers. Generally speaking, each stainless steel factory's outer packing color is different. Through the packaging, we can not only distinguish the manufacturer, but also the quality and packaging requirements of the packaging. We can see that the steel plant attaches importance to the product and the quality requirements.

The outer packing of stainless steel coils of TISCO is shown below.

Some important knowledge about stainless steel coils

2. Stainless steel coil packing buckle

In order to distinguish from other products, ordinary stainless steel factories will make a distinction in every detail, so as to embody their own characteristics everywhere. The packaging buckle of steel coil is a remarkable illustration. So, what information can we learn from the packaging buckle? Whether the packing of steel coil is original or not, and whether the steel coil has been repackaged, we can all know.

The following illustration shows the packaging buckle of stainless steel coil of TISCO.

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