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Stainless steel decoration breaking the law


The hotel combines technology and art to create a multi-level accommodation experience.

The hall ceiling uses a mirror ceiling to make the originally small space look higher, broad and bright. The surrounding metal divides the space in a curve, which is vivid and interesting.

The wine rack adopts the design of arched door and the combination of glass and stainless steel metal frame at the back, which breaks the conventional design and has the artistic conception of "swing inside the wall and swing outside the wall".

The design of the singing area is simple and elegant. The combination of line design and mirror will extend the space.

The restaurant continues the theme of active color atmosphere, warm space, reflecting the concept of life.

The stainless steel shelf is processed by plating and welding to make it stronger.

The overall design is relatively simple and generous, large-area metal frame and color matching, relaxed and bright atmosphere will dispel the fatigue of the journey and enjoy the art.

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