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Stainless steel decoration comes from art

     This small building, however, has become a shelter for adventurers, where they revel and release their tired hearts with the help of alcohol。

     The collision between the bright red cabin door and the stainless steel metal door attracts people's attention, which makes it more attractive in this ordinary world.


       As the cabin door slowly opens and enters the room, you will find that this is quite different from the outside world. The dark green space is decorated with stainless steel lines, as if the darkness in your heart is lit up, and you are enjoying the carnival with music.


The stainless steel decoration on the sofa seat is like an arc rainbow. The satellite is running in its orbit and silent in this dark space.


The warm yellow light of the bar is reflected with the wine, reflecting the luster of the metal. It will raise the indoor temperature and let you release yourself in this carnival world.


Walking in this miraculous world, I scattered all the baggage in the space, and quickly forward, pause and replay at will, which is more real than the reality. I record every information here, store it, and read the warmth again after a long time.

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