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Stainless steel etching process


Stainless steel etching plate is the surface of stainless steel plate through chemical methods, corrosion out of various patterns. With sandblasting board, wire drawing board and mirror panel as the base plate, the surface of the object is further processed after etching treatment.

Stainless steel etching plate can be processed by various complex processes such as local pattern, drawing, gold insertion, local titanium, etc. Stainless steel etching plate achieves bright and dark patterns and brilliant colors.

The process flow is as follows: stainless steel plate degreasing washing drying screen printing drying water immersion etching pattern leaf (sheet) washing ink removal water washing polishing water washing leaf (sheet) hardening sealing treatment cleaning leaf (sheet) drying inspection stainless steel etching plate.

General materials for stainless steel etching plate: stainless steel 8K mirror panel, stainless steel wire drawing board, stainless steel snow sand, common sand, sand blasting, etching on various color stainless steel plates.

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