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Stainless steel masterpiece - The Kelpies


Every time you travel from Glasgow to and from Edinburgh, you will always see the magical sculpture The Kelpies, which is covered by nearly a thousand stainless steel wafers.

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In the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War in 2014, to commemorate the tens of thousands of horses that died in World War I, the Scottish sculptor Andy Scott completed Falkirk, the most famous horse-shaped stainless steel sculpture The Kelpies.

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The horses are 30 meters high and 10 stories high, each weighing about 300 tons. It is the largest horse-shaped stainless steel sculpture in the world.

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The original shape of the stainless steel sculpture is the fairy of the Scottish folktale water, which looks like a horse in the water and has the ability to become human.

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