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Stainless steel rock decorative plate, stainless steel decorative plate - Foshan stainless steel plate manufacturer

Marble has been the main building decoration material in China since ancient times. The rock facing gives people a special beautiful feeling, which is incomparable with other decorative materials. Therefore, rock material in the construction engineering, especially in the field of decoration, has always maintained an important position.However, the processing and transportation of rock materials is inconvenient and the pollution is great, which is in contradiction with the rapid development of China's economic construction which needs a large number of decorative plates. People choose stainless steel decorative plate with rock grain instead of rock grain material in daily use. The contradiction between the demand of resources and the lack of resources has greatly promoted the development of stainless steel corrugated plate. The stainless steel decorative plate with rock grain completely inherits the aesthetic feeling of rock pattern architecture and decorative materials, and also has some advantages that cannot be compared with rock materials.
 Stainless steel rock plate is moisture-proof, fire-proof and insect proof, corrosion-resistant and durable, easy to clean, maintenance free, resistant to attack, compression, scratch, environmental protection and formaldehyde free.
 At present, although the domestic stainless steel corrugated plate has outstanding advantages and has a certain market awareness, its market share in the field of traditional decorative building materials needs to be improved, but "real gold is not afraid of fire, good steel is not afraid of grinding",The birth of good products is always the mission entrusted by the times, and its development prospects are very broad. With the constant popularization of stainless steel raw material prices, we think that the "storm" that it will cause in the field of home decoration and architectural decoration is revolutionary, and it will lead the new trend.
 Foshan Chuangxing stainless steel plate factory is a large stainless steel enterprise integrating stainless steel processing, sales and distribution. It was established in Shunde, Foshan in 2009.The self built workshop covers an area of 12000 + square meters, with advanced office area, production area and various advanced imported production facilities, with complete functions and beautiful environment. "Green Baohe, plate world" has always been the brand slogan of Baohe people. In order to provide environmental protection and beautiful stainless steel products to consumers, Chuangxing stainless steel has invested a lot of R & D efforts in the field of surface processing.
At present, Foshan Chuangxing stainless steel plate factory produces and processes various kinds of stainless steel rock grain decorative plates with complete surface types, pure colors and strong adhesion, which are highly praised by customers for their stable quality, beautiful appearance and lasting.

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