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The wear resistance and scratch resistance of color stainless steel sheet are equivalent to that of gold foil coating.


Among the commonly used primary stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel is the most suitable coloring material, which can obtain a satisfactory color appearance. Ferritic stainless steel is not as bright as the former because it will increase the possibility of corrosion in the coloring solution. However, low chromium high carbon martensitic stainless steel, due to its worse corrosion resistance, can only get gray or black surface. Austenitic stainless steel is reported to have been exposed to industrial atmosphere for 6 years, oceanic atmosphere for 1.5 years, boiling water for 28 days, or heated to about 300 C after coloring by low temperature surface oxidation. In addition, it can also withstand general die pressing, drawing and bending, and work hardening. Colourless stainless steel can be used in many other fields besides building exterior wall and window frame decoration. For example, black stainless steel plate can be used to make solar collector, and its selective heat absorption rate can reach 91%-93%.

In the field of Arts and crafts, the combination of color stainless steel and printing can be used to produce indelible three-dimensional relief murals and hanging screens by the combination of etching, grinding and dot method. In addition, the use of stainless steel to make household appliances, cooking utensils, kitchen equipment, toilet appliances, will be very popular with consumers. Stainless steel decorative board is a very good decorative material, which can fully display the glorious quality, office building overall decoration engineering, high-grade glass staircase guardrail, stainless steel glass door, staircase guardrail engineering, shop floor engineering, stainless steel engineering, billboards, stainless steel cabinets and so on.

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