Foshan Thumbs-Up stainless steel co.,Ltd is a set of stainless steel sheet and stainless steel coil as one of the supporting manufacturers.

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Thumbs-Up black decorative sheet metal panels wholesale for hotel

Thumbs-Up black decorative sheet metal panels wholesale for hotel

Thumbs-Up black decorative sheet metal panels wholesale for hotel

200 /300/400 Series
304/ 201/ 316L/ 430
Place of Origin
Foshan, China (Mainland)
Construction. Decoration. Industry. Manufacture. Hardware .
Lead Time
7-20 days ,the exact time will base on the order
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Product Comparison
Under the guidance of market, Thumbs-Up constantly strives for innovation. stainless steel sheet has reliable quality, stable performance, good design, and great practicality.Compared with products in the same category,Thumbs-Up's stainless steel sheet's outstanding advantages are as follows.
Company Advantages
1. Thumbs-Up decorative sheet metal panels is prepared using premium quality raw material and modish technology.
2. stainless sheet metal poses almost no threat to human health.
3. With scientific structure and multiple functions, our stainless sheet metal is unique.
4. With its special features and accessories, the product can further expedite and simplify the production process, which will contribute to saving on money.
5. People can rest assured that the generates limited radiation which does no harm to their health. People can use it daily in life.
Product Description
304 stainless steel 8k mirror sheet
stainless steel sheet
304 stainless steel 8k mirror sheet
0.3 mm - 3.0 mm stainless steel sheet
1000*2000mm, 1219*2438mm, 1219*3048mm, customized Max.width 1500mm
SS Grade
304,316, 201,430 etc.
Available surface treatment
No.4, Hairline, Mirror, Etching, PVD Color, Embossed, Vibration, Sandblast, Combination, lamination etc.
Covered with PVC, then Seaworthy Wooden Pallet, or Customized

Advantage Of Our Color Stainless Steel Sheet Mirror: High gloss, No Scratches

Advantage Of Our Color Stainless Steel Sheet Mirror: PVD Color Coating, Metallic Finish

We bring in single grinding Mirror polishing machinem import polishing wheel and wool felts from Japan and South Korea to polish the mirror. This kind of machine can polish the super mirror finish and there will be no marks and round circles.We adopt the vacuum ion coating technology(PVD color coating) to make different colors on the sheets.Afrer polishing, PVD color coating, inspecting and PE coating, the mirror finish is perfect.

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 Be extensively applied to architectural decoration, such as elevator decoration, luxurious doors, outdoor projects, wall                         decoration, advertisement nameplates, sanitary ware, ceiling, corridor, hotel hall, shop facade, etc.
                                For furniture, kitchenware, food industry, electronic industry, medical equipment, etc.

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Company Features
1. Having continued to grow since the establishment, Foshan Thumbs-Up stainless steel co.,LTD has been regarded as a reliable manufacturer in producing decorative sheet metal panels in China.
2. Foshan Thumbs-Up stainless steel co.,LTD has long-term cooperation with other well-known stainless sheet metal research institutions at home and abroad.
3. During our operation, we are working towards climate change. We make great efforts on reducing CO2 emissions and water waste. We will redesign our production processes to gear towards a green production way. We try to reduce production waste, make use of waste materials and residues as raw material, and so forth.
Fun little clips I have plans for them.
I love it. Easy to install. You may need a partner to help. Definitely measure before applying. Overall I'm pretty satisfied! Check out the before and after pics.
I had this on my dishwasher during an appraisal and I think it fooled the appraiser! Fortunately, I didn't have to cut it, though if you do, I recommend a utility knife (box cutter) and a straight edge. It is not designed to cover a kick plate and in certain weather, it can fall off under it's own weight, but it hasn't done that since the weather got warmer and drier.
Looks good
Love birds so this is a winner
I read the reviews saying it doesn’t keep items piping hot and was concerned. My experience is that it does indeed struggle when you just place the mug on the heater. However, if you cover the mug, it works perfectly. I did not order the special mug with a cover, but used a coaster- worked fine. The coaster does accumulate moisture from the rising steam of your drink.
Pros: Arrived quickly, works OK. Cons: Shipping fee ridiculous, no instructions included, could be hotter for me.
This is most amazing. I put it on my french doors that have full length windows. The installation could not have been easier. It took longer to perfectly clean the window than to apply the film. The film is very sturdy feeling. The directions are spot on. I was worried about applying it but it was EASY. I would recommend for large windows having someone to help because you just need more hands to control the film. It dropped the temperature on my south facing room immediately. The view into the house is almost completely blocked, only light & shadow/colours are visible. From the outside, you cannot see into the house, unless something is practically touching the window. For example, we now have to be careful opening the door or you'll hit someone who's going out- day or night.
Absolutely LOVE the way this looks. It came within two days of ordering, was exactly as described, and I followed the instructions very carefully. Having already installed one from Home Depot which I didn't like, I learned from my mistakes: be very careful smoothing it down and cut it to the exact dimensions of your window. First I cleaned the window, then sprayed it with plain water, then very carefully squegeed down the window, following up with smoothing it out with a credit card. At the very bottom of the window and on the sides, wiped out the excess water with a dishcloth. Looks fabulous; great design, livened up my kitchen perfectly. Cheaper than any window treatment and creates excellent privacy. I'm so pleased.
Hello Amazon Lovers, I purchased these last week and I installed the day I received. I am not a tinting expert, just a determined diy'er! The whole process of doing 2 sliding glass doors took me about 45min. I used the cardboard it came with to make my cuts, (comes with a sharp knife!!!)cleaned my windows, sprayed my windows with solution, peeled off the plastic and up the film went. After applying the film, I cut the sides to fit and used a towel to remove the air bubbles. Just take your time, completely wet the window and the starting point of the film and you will get it. Good luck
The amount you get for the money us well worth it.
Shipping was pretty fast and the look of this is pretty. I was disappointed that it wasn't actually tin,as I wanted it for behind my stove, but it's actually plastic. I'm crafty so I will use it somewhere else.
Finally rebuilt our new shower installed this beauty!!! IT's Wonderful, better then the old Brand names on the market. JUST WONDERFUL!!!! thank you
Initially the unit had no flow through the valve after the plumber installed it. KES support was quick to resolve the problem, but the replacement had to be shipped from China. It arrived on time and the replacement valve worked like a champ. The chrome is gorgeous and I love the contemporary look and feel. This shower feels way more expensive than it is, and in spite of the initial problem, I love it.
Love it the look the quality is perfect. The only thing is that it’s rain fall therefore not much pressure at all.
Good pressure so far and works well. The wand piece we use to bathe the dog and cat.
I love my new shower, the rain shower helps me relax.
Beautiful,private,easy to use Wonderful product So far so good")
I used on shower doors, and it is so beautiful!
looks like a million without having to spend a million!!
Works perfectly. Let’s in light with total privacy on my front door. No blinds to clean and secure. Excellent window covering.
Had to cut corner sides off as they were folded in packaging and became non-sticky. Otherwise product is good and provides decent privacy. Inclusion of the cleaning cloth and cutter is very handy and thoughtful.
Great product for the price. When you have small kids and don’t want ceramic that is capable of being thrown into your beloved flat screen these effective coasters are your best friend.
Just as expected! Really great!
This product is exactly what I wanted and needed. I find it to be an excellent purchase
Good value for the price and the lipped edge helps to keep beverages from sliding off.
Light weight and looks great.
They’re coasters. They work great as coasters.
Just as I expected
I have had so many different coasters and all of them either broke because they were ceramic or leaked the drink sweat because there was no lip on the edge. My kids can be pretty destructive with table decore and the like. These are not only light weight and hard to break, but hold drink sweat in. And, I love the little holder for easy storage.
These are better than the ones that I grew up with! The cork is thicker, has a lip and a nice holder to keep them in. I’ll be ordering more for myself and gifting. Great product!
OMG, every paper in this pad is just gorgeous! Very unique and tasteful patterns, that can be used for any occasion! Like others have said, "it's almost too pretty to use!"?
Love this stuff! Looks very real, not cheap looking at all. I attached a before and after. Cheap way to redo bathroom cabinets.
This is awesome. I have used it to purpose and recover old furniture, old doors and tables. It looks GREAT, easy to apply and is really easy to lift up and reapply if you don't lay it down right on the first attempt. I've ordered 12 of these rolls so far and keep finding a great reason to cover more items!
Wall Dogs rule!!! ????
I love these anchors. They are simply the most efficient, easy to use, and practical anchors around. They work in almost any type of wall, so they can be a lifesaver if you need to install something only to find there's something behind the wall you didn't expect. For example, my previous apartment was in a 100+ year old building with a motley of materials. One wall was standard drywall and wooden studs. Another wall was plaster. Yet another was plaater over masonry. Worse, the studs were not regularly spaced and actually seemed to curve slightly. I found all this out the hard way, as I tried to hang up a heavy shelf full of records and record player on top - definitely over 50 LB. Worse, this shelf was right over my bed (small NYC studio and all). I drilled about a million pilot holes because I was a little paranoid, and had planned to use toggle bolts for the part of shelf that didn't hit a stud. Problem was none of the usual heavy duty anchors I tried would actually fit because of the masonry behind the plaster. By then, I'd already made a huge hole in the wall and wasn't looking forward to more experimentation. Then I found these. Because they were so small and the holes would be easy to spackle, I used four screws in place of the one toggle bolt. They held up like a charm until I moved out over a year later, including once when I tripped and hung partly off the already heavy shelf. I ended up using these all around my apartment. One of the nice things about these is that unlike every other anchor, they also work in studs, so you don't have to keep switching between types of screws. They also don't get squished or break off like so many plastic anchors. If you screw up your leveling or positioning, they're super easy to move and reinstall. When I moved out I pulled on the screw fixturea a bit to see how they were holding up and they didn't even budge. When I removed the screws, spackling was no more difficult than a hole left by a regular screw or nail, and I was able to reuse these in a new apartment to hang up kitchen and closet shelves. Some tips to maximize success: DO NOT over drill, especially in drywall. It's the easiest way to weaken their hold. Only drill as far as you need to, and then stop. Drilling more only widens/weakens their hole. -While a pilot hole isn't neccessary in drywall and wood, it does make the installation a bit easier in some cases, and helps make sure the screw goes in straight and has the best holding performance -While Hillman recommends a 3/16 drill size if you do pre-drill, I've personally found 9/64 to work best for me. -If your mounting fixture allows it, use more of these than you need. With other anchors, you'd worry about all the holes. With these it's an easy way to double or triple the holding strength with minimal extra work when you remove them. These are the best. They won't replace toggle bolts for, say, hanging stuff from a ceiling or mounting a 65" TV on a swinging arm in drywall. But for just about everything else, these will do the job.
beautiful but haven't used them on the wall yet. can't wait.
These are so adorable! I used the “Be You Be Brave” one to hang my son’s superhero dress up stuff and it looks great. It came with easy to use instructions on how to hang plus the hardware as well. I just wish they came sold separately. I didn’t need the other one so I gave it to a friend.
cute hooks...great customer service!
Well built and exactly as described. Nice touch instead of just a key holder.
It’s great,very thin metal,not to sturdy, and definitely NOT HEAVY ,but ok ,I use it attached to the wall with one screw next to the sink , price is a little high for what you get , i would price this at 6-8 dollars.
Nice, just what we wanted. It's metal and sturdy and holds a perfect number of napkins in a nice-looking, stable, compact package. Only issue is when you pull out a napkin, there is more friction between napkins than between the outer napkins and the smooth metal holder, so you often pull out all of the napkins with the one you want, especially when full.
Love the napkin holder However, it is designed for small napkins. If you are want to use the huge dinner napkins beware… The napkins will fall over flap over the edge.
Bends easy but ok
Really nice!
Be careful removing the napkin holder from the box, it bends easily. Pretty design, and will be fine to hold napkins, just a little less rigid than I expected.
My wife had been looking for a napkin holder forever and she absolutely loves this one. It looks really good when filled with the white napkins.
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