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Two-daytourofGuangdongHuidongShuangyuewan---THUMBS UP


In order to thank all the staff for their hard work, enrich the cultural life of the staff, strengthen the cohesiveness of the company team, and Foshan Thumbs-Up stainless steel co.,LTD to organize tourism activities, decided to visit the two-day tour of Guangdong Huidong Shuangyuewan.

      In the spare time of work, enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature, give employees and families a chance to completely relax. The company leaders attach great importance to this tourism activity, from the choice of trip, time schedule, materials and personnel to the staff are very concerned and careful guidance, Do not say much, start.

       Shuangyue Bay is divided into two bays, surrounded by the sea on three sides, picturesque scenery, the beach is 57 kilometers wide, the beach is about 200 meters wide, the sea floor is flat and soothing, and it can still stand 200 meters offshore. Shuangyuewan consists of two half-moon bays adjacent to the shores of Daya Bay and Hongwan Bay. Due to the wind direction, the shores of Daya Bay in Zuowan, the breeze and the waves, the Anatuozi, the level is like a mirror, the Hongwan Bay of Right Bay, The waves are raging, the momentum is slim, and the water is clear to the bottom of the natural scenery. The two sand shovel went straight to the Daxing Mountain, such as the dragon to the sea, like the double dragon play beads, there is static and moving, very magnificent.

       Beach~ We are here! Facing the sea, the heart warms the sun, puts down all the things, meets the sea breeze, floats in the wind, let the soul get more rest~

      Walking to the beach, we can't wait to run into the sea, feeling the waves coming up slowly and enjoying this pleasant calm.

       At the end of the night, the leadership is also awkward, including a small clear bar, drink and drink, let everyone crazy.

       As the saying goes, drinking can't be overdone. After all, it's tired after playing for a day. It almost makes everyone go back to rest.


     The next day, many colleagues also met to watch the sunrise together.

     Waiting for the past, we can't be too hasty. Our group of people sat on the beach, playing with the gravel and talking softly.

       Slowly, the sun emerged from the horizon, and then the scope of the red glow became larger and bigger, and it became more and more red. The gorgeous light illuminates the earth and illuminates our hearts.

       The happy time is always very fast, this trip is really full of harvest.

After eating at noon, we set foot on the way home.

I am very grateful to the company for giving us this opportunity to travel.

I believe that everyone is relaxing and cultivating their sentiments.

In the future, we will create a better future with the spirit of self-improvement.

Burn with passion

 Will be devoted to work with more full enthusiasm

Contribute to the company's sustained and rapid development!

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