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What is stainless steel copper plate?


By Foshan Thumbs-Up stainless steel co.,LTD. elevator decorative plate to answer you, what is stainless steel copper plate:

Copper imitation is a process by which metal ions are continuously reduced on the self-catalytic surface to form metal coatings by chemical reduction reaction in aqueous solution, which does not depend on the external power supply and only depends on the reductant in the plating bath. Because the color of stainless steel antique copper is very similar to that of real copper, and stainless steel antique copper plate is wear-resistant, pressure-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and has a service life of more than 10 years in normal indoor environment, so it is commonly used in various antique decorative buildings.


1. The price of imitation copper sheet of stainless steel (including processing fee) is usually only about 1/3 of the price of real copper.

2. Copper-like stainless steel sheets can produce surface effects of 8K, wire drawing, sandblasting, chaos and blackening, and embossing, etching and other patterns can also be copper plated.

3. The color of stainless steel imitation copper plate includes bronze, red bronze, brass, old bronze, etc. It can also be adjusted according to customers'needs.

4. Stainless steel copper-plated sheet is a kind of high-grade decorative material. It not only has noble and elegant, retro-nostalgic flavor, but also has its incomparable price advantage, so it is an indispensable decorative material for decorating various high-grade places.

Specifications are available:

1. Material: 201, 304, 316, etc.

2. Thickness: 0.5-2.0mm

3. Conventional size: 1000mm*2000 mm, 1219 mm*2438 mm, 1219 mm*3048 mm

Customized size:

Length: 500mm-3048mm

Width: 100mm-1219mm

Accuracy: Length, Width (+0.5mm)

Diagonal tolerance less than 0.5mm

Main uses:

1. Architecture, decoration application;

2. Application of doorframe;

3. Sculpture application;

4. Screen application.

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