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Why more and more people are using stainless steel as decorative materials?


Stainless steel used in architectural decoration is a popular method of architectural decoration in recent years.

In our country, it is also developing rapidly, and the popularity of stainless steel decoration has formed the replacement of aluminum alloy decoration.

The rise of stainless steel decorative materials is mainly due to its following characteristics

Like all other metal materials, stainless steel decorative materials have unique metal texture, rich and varied colors and patterns, and perfect modeling.


Stainless steel decorative materials and aluminum alloy decorative materials are not easy to rust alone. Therefore, it can maintain the initial decorative effect for a long time.

Stainless steel can have a mirror like effect. This kind of polished stainless steel is used in architectural decoration, because of its mirror reflection effect, it can achieve the effect of mutual reflection with various colors and scenery in the surrounding environment. Moreover, the polished stainless steel ornaments have a strong ability to reflect light. With the help of the light, the polished stainless steel ornaments can also form bright and bright parts, which helps to form the interest center or attention point in the space environment.


Compared with aluminum alloy ornaments, stainless steel ornaments have the advantages of higher strength and hardness, so they are not easy to deform in the process of construction and use.

As building decoration materials, stainless steel can be used both indoor and outdoor. It can be used as non load bearing pure decoration, decoration products and load-bearing components.

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